Monday, December 29, 2008

Tickets to Wicked I Got it, I Got it!

Hello-o! Craig scored tickets to Wicked, or maybe I should say whoever sold them to him scored! Without me saying, he paid way to much, so I'm going to way enjoy it. They are for our anniversary in April.

Craig is such a good man and he has had to put up with a lot, mainly me and my luggage. He never complains, and he never judges, or says a bad word about anybody. Unlike me who has a tendency to bitch, and moan, a bit to much. I am thankful for him and my family. I wouldn't trade anyone of them for any on of you! I don't know if they'd say that about me but what ev!

Christmas is over and it went well. I was able to talk to Benny and he is doing well. I miss him but I am glad that he is were he needs to be.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Why are some of the words in my personal blog underlined and in green? Shouldn't I be getting paid for this free advertising?

Christmas is coming down the pike! Something strange came in the mail today "EXPRESS" at that! My husband asked if something came, and I said "yes"! He asked, "did you open it"? I said, "no". Which is unusual for me. At Christmas when I was a kid I used to gently open my present and everybody else's, and sometimes I'd trade! Naughty I know, but you knew what I was before you put me in your pocket! ( sorry favorite saying from a church story about a cold baby rattle snake!) He (my husband) said it's a surprise. I said, "I thought we weren't getting each other gifts, just giving what we'd normally spend to the food bank" (hope you enjoy that 20 bucks you food bank you!) He said that that it wasn't for Christmas. Yeah right then why did it come for Christmas? Our 30 year anniversary is coming up this April, or June, I can never remember I'm kind of a man! I want to go on an Alaskan cruise I want to see "Wicked" in the worse way! What do you think it could be?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Picking and Plucking!

When your a teenager you are always picking! Picking at your face picking at your hair, you know splitting frizzies! Well now that I am in my 50's I am obsessed with plucking, and not only my eyebrows! How can I say this without feeling terribly embarrassed in my hormonal, menopausal way, OK MY FACE! I went through the change at 33, right after I had Ben. I've been on hormones since then, I'm only taking half the dosage now and I've gotten quite furry in the face. When Ben was home he'd say you have a moustache. I'd just smirk and say you're just jealous! Well now I'm self conscious about the downy white fuzz all over my face! I sit at night watch TV, and pluck away. My husband always walks by and says "What are you doing"? I say "nothing", and think to myself MYOB! Before plucking I waxed and ended up with little burns around my mouth where I pulled the skin off! Now that I've plucked I'm afraid I'm going to get full on whiskers. I've noticed older women who literally have long hairs growing out of their upper lip, and chins! Is that going to happen to me? I know I've made fun of women for going in to get Botox, face lifts and such(and that's why I'm probably getting whiskers)but I want to get electrolysis. Is that bad? Is it expensive? Will it hurt? What is a vain fuzzy faced woman to do?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

President Obama

This is the first time in my life that the President of the United States is younger than me.......sad! I am glad that he was elected, and yes I voted for him. It is frustrating to me that church members and family members have called him evil, or the Anti-Christ and that he will ruin the moral of the country. Who are you to judge, God? EVERYONE is a Child of God.

I don't think anyone sets out to ruin the country they live in. I feel bad that President Bush is leaving his Presidency with the country in shambles. How hard for him, I feel empathy for him. I have never openly criticized President Bush, or his character. I've heard some pretty horrible things said about President Obama. Makes me feel heart sick to think about them. Would you honestly feel good about repeating them to our Father in Heaven?

I don't think anyone I associate with even knows I'm a Democrat by the things I say. I pretty much keep my political self to myself, and my family, and guess I did mention it in another post.

President Obama will not make you do anything that you don't want to do, anymore than President Bush made me do things I didn't want to, and yes there were a few but I didn't complain.

Last I checked the "Church" was based on free agency with blessings and consequences given as needed. I get tired of everyone in Utah thinking that if you live in Utah you're "Mormon" which I am and a very good one at that(mostly good anyway)! And Republican which I am not! If just the mere fact that I mention that I am a Democrat offends you just think how offended the three other Utah County Democrats, and I am when you speak ill of someone we respect and admire. Think before you speak not everyone believes, and feels as you do. The majority do(lucky you!) but there are a few of us(3) who think differently, and you really don't have anymore of a "spiritual in" than we do. Pray for your President, pray that he does well and helps the country that you live in! Every night I have prayed for our President and I didn't even vote for him, and I will continue with our new President! I've had my rant, now talk amongst yourselves!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bella Schmella!


I tried to read those stupid vampire books but I couldn't stand Bella and her wimpy, whinny, self and I had to STOP! Imagine my dismay when I took the "Who Are You Test" and turned out to be? BELLA! I wanted to drive a stake through that adolescences heart, shoot her with a silver bullet, burn her with a cross, throw holy water on her, or make her a prom dress out of garlic! Oh wait she's not a vampire. I probably could have just put "Nair" in her shampoo and make her dark, wayward hair fall out, or itching powder in her bra and irritate her creamy, pale skin. Seriously the chick has gotta go!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged 3 Favorites

3 Favorite Last Purchases

My smart black boots that Craig thinks look cute!
(He said he'd even pay for them woo whoo!)

Dried mangoes from Sam's Club (YUMMY!)
Can't buy them anymore they are all out.

My ring from not really happy about it
I usually have buyers remorse!

3 Favorite Movies

One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Young Frankenstein

3 things I haven't done yet

Lost weight
Gone skinny dipping
Gone skiing

3 Things I can't live without

My family for sure!
My plucker's and Magnifying mirror

3 Favorite Dishes

Peppered Chicken w/ Fresh Basil
@ The Golden Thai In Puerto Rico
Zoupa Toscana at Olive Garden

3 Favorite TV Shows

Pushing Daisey's
Mad Men
Life on Mars

3 Last places I've Traveled

Disney Cruise
Provo Mall(Sad)
Mapleton School(Sad yet again!)

3 Favorite Treats

Burnt Almond Fudge

Jamoca Almond Fudge

Swiss Orange Sherbet w/dark chocolate flakes

Sensing a trend here are we?

3 Things I'd buy if money weren't an Issue

Private Island surrounded by clear blue water!
Ocean front beach house
Light House on Prince Edward Island

3 people I tag

No one reads my blog, so tag no its!

I forgot my favorite treats! How'd that happen?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ghost Town

Craig and I went to the movie tonight. I've been wanting to see, "Ghost Town". We really enjoyed it. The main character was scheduled for a colonoscopy just like me! It showed him having to drink three large bottles of sodium something. Just want to let you future colonoscopy patients know, huge creative license! It was only two 2oz bottles that I mixed with ginger ale. Didn't make it much better. I've never tasted anything worse, that I have had to consume. A couple of weeks before I went to another movie with a friend "The Women". She wanted to see it and because she has gotten pretty much home bound with MS I took her on a little dinner and movie date. I'm not much for chick flicks and watching this lame movie just verified my feelings. She loved it and laughed all the way through. I mustered up a couple of weak smiles. I'm a tough audience! Although it was nice seeing a couple of the actors UN-BOTOXED the rest looked pitiful. We know my feelings on aging with grace, and dignity, I guess Hollywood just doesn't care!

Friday, August 29, 2008


To the tune of Genealogy:

Colonoscopy I am doing it my colonoscopy,
and the reason that I am doing it is very clear to me!
Check around for polyps and any inconsistency.
Colonoscopy I am doing it for my fam-i-ly!

Aren't I good?

Friday 6:30 am at UVRMC, can't wait to fart in recovery like everyone else!

Everything turned out alright, had what they thought was a polyp so if it was I'll need to go back in five years, if it wasn't 10 years.

You know how I hate potty humor? Guess not Craig said every time I let one rip I laughed, must've thought it was funny!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Email From Bro. & Sis. Ellett

Received an email from Brother and Sister Ellett today along with some pictures of Benny. It was nice. The mission isn't moving fast enough for me. Maybe when I start school again tomorrow it'll get moving. I really appreciated hearing about Ben, nice to know someone cares about those of us left at home. It looks like he's doing well and that he's happy and that is big for me. Moms don't want to think of their loved ones sad. I'll post the pictures on his site once Katy shows me how.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh To Be A Woman!

Today was a first in line of many doctor visits for me. It was my beloved yearly today. I think I sweat more for the scales then the spectulem! I had my blood pressure taken, then weighed under much stress! Low and behold the nurse told me I had lost 8 lbs since my last visit, and it was totally painless! I don't know how I did it! Went into the office. Took off all my clothes, (and did a happy dance-NOT!) folded them nicely and placed them ever so gently in the chair. Wrapped that lovely gown on and tied it in front. Un-folded that big napkin thingy placed it ever so modestly on my lap, waited and wiped sweat off of my face, and out from under my breasties. Finally my doctor came in she gave me the check-up talked to me a bit, excused me and sent me on my merry way. But not before I made an appointment for a bone density test for tomorrow, and a colonoscopy in the near future. Went down to the lab gave my blood, thank goodness for good veins! Oh the joys of being in your fifties! It is so stressful but so nice to have over for a year. Mammo on Monday and Dentist on Wednesday and I'm good to go, except for that colonoscopy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sugar and Flour and 7 Oh My!

About a week and a half ago I was lying on my couch watching TV. I was lying on the couch, and my stomach was laying on the floor. While that is a bit of an exaggeration of my imagination, I was a bit disgusted! I decided right then and there not to eat after 7:00pm, and rid my diet of sugar, and white flour. I have been pretty successful. Today after church I needed to get out of my dress and into my jeans. This can be pretty stressful since I have gone up a pant size this year, and the new jeans were getting harder, and harder to zip, and button. I'd first have to climb up onto my bed. Suck in my gut, lift my butt, zip, button, get up, and jump around a bit to get comfortable!(need a visual?) Today I came home took off my dress, and pulled my jeans right up! I did need to jump around, but not much. I feel better! Doing this has made me obsess about chocolate. I LOVE CHOCOLATE! The only reason I don't want to got to hell when I die is because it is probably way to hot for chocolate! I have been on a personal quest to find the perfect piece of sugarless chocolate. I have tried several varieties and my favorite are the sugarless York Peppermint Patty, and sugarless Dove Chocolate. Craig even likes most of the candies I've brought home. You know as long as I can have my chocolate, I can do this!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carn e Be All Y'all!

This is the Carn e Be All Y'all! Well that is how Dan and Ellie say it anyway. Grandpa's work Flowserve once a year has a carnival. Let me tell you it is tons of fun(yawn). Hot, sticky, and strangers! Sounds like an on line porn site. Now I did meet up with a friend and we talked shop for about and hour while grandpa trudged around with the two wee ones. It is kind of fun! When our children were little it was on a Saturday and lasted most of the day. They also had really cool prizes. Not anymore, three hours, some kind of slimy stuff for a prize, hamburgers, cookies, cotton candy(yum)some fun carni rides and we're home. Lucy had just about had enough fun, I lost Ellie on some jumpy thingy, so it was time to go!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm going grey and it's OK! Hey I'm a poet. Craig isn't to fond of it I say too bad so sad. I am a rebel. I've decided to blatantly ignore Hollyweird, and the media. I will not let them dictate what I should look like! I'm 52, it's OK if I'm a bit wrinkly, and 1/3 of the way grey. I like the way my grey shimmers in the sunlight as I'm driving around town with my sunroof open. I can always go back and color if I want to. I am woman and I can change my mind! I hate looking around my ward (church) and see the wax-like features of some women. Breast standing at full attention! Not a wrinkle in site, not a laugh lines, not a frown, or a worried line, in fact no expression whatsoever. I work with Autistic children and one of the main characteristics is not being able to read faces! I'm beginning to feel a bit Autistic! I mean it's great to take care of yourself with diet, and exercise(which I definitely could use), coloring your hair, wearing make-up, but to go under the knife, or needle for a younger appearance seems a bit drastic to me. What are we saying to our young women who struggle with their body image anyway? I keep thinking it must be an esteem issue, and that makes me sad. Women you are all beautiful! Come on don't be scared, join the fight rebel!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Craig is going in for a colonoscopy tomorrow, sounds fun! Guess mine is coming up!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mothers day was nice. I just decided not to hate it! I've always done the best I could. I'm not going to compare myself with anyone. Yep, I've made mistakes a plenty. Gotta move on, it helps me to enjoy my family, and for them to enjoy me. I love my family and I'm glad I've got them. They survived their up-bringing. I'm not super mom never will be but flying is over rated!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

100 Things About me

1-I worry!

2- I milk chocolate.

3- I love rings I have 80.

4- I love Barbie I have about 100.

5-If I were a dinosaur I'd be a carnivore.

6-I'd love to be a vegetarian.

7-I feel like it's a cop out to have plastic surgery.

8-I feel sad when I see that my RS President doesn't have smile lines!

9-I love strange movies.

10-My favorite radio station is X-96.

11-I hate to do laundry, or anything else that has to do with cleaning.

12-I love my job.

13-I love my co-workers.

14-I'm shy until you get to know me.

15-I'm ashamed to say I hold a grudge.

16-I don't like to cook.

17-I won't watch violent, or scary movies.

18-I hate body function humor, because there is none.

19-I hate the word "RETARD."

20-I hate prejudice of any kind.

21-I really dislike Sean Hannity, so it's OK to be prejudiced against him!

22-I'm a Mormon and a Democrat, I think that's considered an oxymoron in Utah!

23-I am strong.

24-I try to find humor in most things, but I do run into totally non-funny stuff!

25-I am happy to move forward, I don't want to go back and repeat anything!

26-I love seeing my grey hair shimmer like silver in the sun!

27-I love my family.

28-I don't like to make salads, but I like to eat them.

29-I like spicy food.

30-I make the best hot fudge sauce.

31-I Like to think I'm not shallow but I just might be!

32-I don't want a bigger house.

33-I like to browse TJMaxx.

34-I have to have air conditioning in my car.

35-I hate the heat of summer.

36-I feel most thankful in the Fall, and Winter.

37-I am protective of my family.

38-I am battling TOE FUNGUS!

39-I bite my nails.

40-I watch MTV.

41-I like to stay up late.

42- My least favorite saying is: You're only as happy as your saddest child. I think it is a perfect advertisement for birth control! Wahhhh!

43-Violence still makes me cry.

44-I'm forever trying to find a cure for thin, brittle nails!

45-I say I don't like my pets, but I cry when they die.

46-I'm sorry that I never say I'm sorry, Hey I just said it!

47-I'm always good for some un-wanted advice.

48-I am a good listener.

49-I'm my sister's children's favorite aunt!

50-I like to plant flower boxes, and they look really nice!

51-There is nothing wrong with aging.

52-This is unusual, I really do like my in-laws.

53-I love to have a really good laugh.

54-I love to have a really good cry.

55-You've all heard this before, I HATE MY NEW BRA!

56-I wish that I had a college education.

57-Even though I love my children, being a grandma is more fun!

58-I almost bought a potty trained raccoon when I was in college!

59-I love monkeys, and Jan Goodall.

60-Once my brother Jeff and I tried to buy a monkey.

61-I think divorce SUCKS for everyone!

62-I worry about offending others.

63-I can't watch American Idol, It embarrasses me!

64-I like low maintenance friends, I guess that's where Katy gets it!

65-I hate to be needed, and I don't care to have needy friends!

66-I love Tattoo shows, LA Ink, Miami Ink.

67-I loved Tattoos before Katy did, but I was smart enough NOT to get ONE!

68-Transgendered people intrigue me, I like to watch medical shows about them.

69-I don't believe God doesn't make mistakes. He makes dogs, and they'll mount your leg! What's that all about?

70-The chicken crossing the road? Other side, heaven? Or just to cross the road?(I'm deep)

71-I'm going to be on Oprah one day for being a clutter bug!

72-I love the space between two front teeth, makes people look like chipmunks, I love that look! I really do! Looks cute.

73-I love the ocean, the taste of the water, the sand, the sound, the danger..................!

74-I love The Providence Baptist Church in Grand Ridge, Florida.

75-I love the warm French bread at Albertsons.

76-I like shopping at Albertsons because I never run into people I know very often.

77-I hate lying liars, and the liars who tell them! When I'm lied to I find it very hard to trust again!

78-I hum at church, but I'll sing if no one is around to hear me.

79-I wish I played a musical instrument.

80-I started taking piano lessons in my late 40's, my teacher moved, and my new one made me say ta ta ticka I quit!

81-My favorite funny movie is Young Frankenstein.

82-My favorite Drama is One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

83-Favorite TV shows are Dexter, Pushing Daisey's, Rescue Me, The Riches, The Office, 30 Rock......I like TV.

84-I've just started reading the Harry Potter series.

85-I think Craig my husband is a kind man, and I couldn't see myself married to anyone else. Even though sometimes I have to use a mirror on him!

86-I burp a lot(I taught my friend Brenda how to), my mom wanted me to try out for Miss Spanish Fork(like that was going to happen) I didn't have a talent. I said maybe I could burp the Star Spangled Banner! She quit bugging me about it!

87-Saturday Night Live started the Year I graduated from High School(1974), I've watched it ever since.

88-I'd rather tell people my age(52) then have them guess!

89-I love to play The Sims, I think I'm addicted to downloading!

90-I'm very stubborn, so don't argue with me, I'll never change my opinion! You kind of have to try and trick me into it, good luck with that!

91-I love Mrs Cavanaughs Pollyanna chocolates.

92-I love bagpipes.

93-I can pinch the daylight out of anyone with my toes! Ewwwwwww remember they have fungus?

94-I can twist, and roll my tongue, another lovely talent of mine!

95-I love burnt almond fudge ice cream, and orange sherbet, with chocolate flakes in it.

96-My dad was killed in a plane crash when I was 6.

97-My golden rule is: I can say what I want to about my family, but you'd better watch your mouth!

98-I'm thankful for the trials in life, once I'm through them!

99-I hate finding the mates to socks, and I think my clothes dryer, and the missing socks have conspired together to slowly but surley drive me CRAZY!

100-If fat thighs are so cut on two year olds why not fifty-two year olds!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ben's Fare Thee Well

It was nice day, THANKS family for all the support! Don't know what we'd do without you. It's hard to send my baby off into the world! I remember thinking the same thing when he was supposed to go to kindregarten. It was afternoon kindergarten. I kept thinking my baby! He kept asking me all day long, "Is it time to go yet" about a thousand times! When the time finally came I was so happy to get his little butt out the door. Hopefully by Wednesday hell be saying, "Is it time yet?"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BIG Breasties!

I've always been flat( At aerobics other ladies asked me if I bound myself?) until I got fat, but I'm still flat for a big gal. It's hard to find a small enough cup size in the big girls intimate clothing department they are all C through F. That is until a couple of days ago. I went shopping for bras. Not really shopping, I'm not so into that, but go in try and buy! Now that I'm home with my new breasts, I'm so not loving them. I've always taken pride in my flat chest, hated those big old bouncy, flouncy things! I felt pity for those who had to deal with them. My new bra is a bit padded and it had little inflated inserts. Their gone! But my upper harm keeps smashing into them, I can't reach to my side anymore without disturbing them, and it's annoying. Whats a girl to do? I'm trying to make friends with them, I took them out to lunch today! But they are still bugging me! I just wanted something to make me look a little more proportioned, you know nicer in a dress.

Gotta Get a Move On!

My house as usual is a disaster and we are having people over for Ben's farewell. Craig is alive the mirror proved it and is now spreading bark around outside. I'm not doing anything but spreading my word around!

New subject! Anybody getting porn? My sfcn site yesterday said I was caught naked (That's right naked) on video camera! And they wanted me to open it? Like I don't see that everytime I step into the shower!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Empty Nest!

I'm not depressed, but I am a little sad. I get a little teary eyed every now and then. But I'll be alright. Ben's leaving is going to be a big change, one for me and one for him. I worry about him but I'm not any different than any other mom. I told him one week from tonight you'll be wondering what have I gotten myself into? Not unlike every other missionary, for every other faith, in the whole wide world! Guess we'll both survive!

I guess I'll post about different things going on in my life, books or movies I like, Ben, grand babies, going grey, sticking a mirror under Craig's nose to see if he's still alive, to just maybe trying to get healthier. I always say I'm pretty healthy for a fat lady! Maybe I'll try to look it.............maybe.

Since I'm making blogs...

I thought my parents needed one!! :P