Thursday, February 26, 2009


GOATS BUSTERS! Sheeeeeesh make one little mistake in hearing something! I have a friend who works with me who loves to plan fun vacations. So..we were talking about trips and I told her she ought to plan a trip for we women to go on. Just the women from work, I love the women I work with! We talked about going back East, California, Nauvoo, Las Vegas.......someone mentioned Savannah and then the ghosts of Savannah. I said, "Goats of Savannah?" Can't we just go and see goats at Thanksgiving Point? Well you can't imagine the laughter that ensued, HA HA! They said, "GHOSTS of Savannah"! I knew that! We got pretty silly, and laughed about "Goat Hunters, Goat Busters, The Goat Whisperer, Goats of the Mississippi. I even had a little chuckle later that night when I got all cuddled up in my bed. Well, I am now known as "The Goat Whisperer". Tough title but I think I can live up to it.

Today, and probably a couple of weeks later, from that not hearing to well incident, my co-workers really had a hay day with all things GOAT. When I came back from a break there was a little white goat sitting in my chair. When I asked where the goat came from my co-workers said, "What goat"? I went to get my phone out of my purse and what do you think I found? Yep a little brown goat! I had to take one of my kids to inclusion, and the story that the other children had to act out in that classroom was, "The Three Billy GOATS Gruff". And the same white goat was in that room! I went back into my classroom, and one of my co-workers said, "You left your phone in here". I picked it up, opened it to make sure the game was off, and my screen saver was another little white goat! When I was going back to class I turned my phone on and got a text message. When I opened it there was a little white goat in my car! My co-workers are a little crazy as you can tell. When I got back from inclusion I heard a pitiful little bleating sound coming from inside our classroom. Yes, it had been recorded on my phone. Aren't those co-workers of mine a hoot! Mrs. Jensen's 2nd grade class got in on all the fun, and illustrated me a lovely GOAT book, which she wrote a story to. I left the room again and when I came back there was a cute little blank book, with a titled cover, "The Goats of Mapleton Elementary, by Susan K. Jessen"! I am going to write all of my goat stories in that book! I wonder if they'll mind if I use a "Goat Writer"?