Friday, November 14, 2008

Picking and Plucking!

When your a teenager you are always picking! Picking at your face picking at your hair, you know splitting frizzies! Well now that I am in my 50's I am obsessed with plucking, and not only my eyebrows! How can I say this without feeling terribly embarrassed in my hormonal, menopausal way, OK MY FACE! I went through the change at 33, right after I had Ben. I've been on hormones since then, I'm only taking half the dosage now and I've gotten quite furry in the face. When Ben was home he'd say you have a moustache. I'd just smirk and say you're just jealous! Well now I'm self conscious about the downy white fuzz all over my face! I sit at night watch TV, and pluck away. My husband always walks by and says "What are you doing"? I say "nothing", and think to myself MYOB! Before plucking I waxed and ended up with little burns around my mouth where I pulled the skin off! Now that I've plucked I'm afraid I'm going to get full on whiskers. I've noticed older women who literally have long hairs growing out of their upper lip, and chins! Is that going to happen to me? I know I've made fun of women for going in to get Botox, face lifts and such(and that's why I'm probably getting whiskers)but I want to get electrolysis. Is that bad? Is it expensive? Will it hurt? What is a vain fuzzy faced woman to do?


Vikki said...

Sucks, Yes I agree!! I just use the scissors,carefully! But electrolysis does sound good.

Janice said...

One day, if I ever have the money, I would LOVE to have mine permanently removed. The older I get the more there is!! Why do men get more distinguished and women just get old????

I'm right there with you!!