Monday, October 27, 2008

Bella Schmella!


I tried to read those stupid vampire books but I couldn't stand Bella and her wimpy, whinny, self and I had to STOP! Imagine my dismay when I took the "Who Are You Test" and turned out to be? BELLA! I wanted to drive a stake through that adolescences heart, shoot her with a silver bullet, burn her with a cross, throw holy water on her, or make her a prom dress out of garlic! Oh wait she's not a vampire. I probably could have just put "Nair" in her shampoo and make her dark, wayward hair fall out, or itching powder in her bra and irritate her creamy, pale skin. Seriously the chick has gotta go!

1 comment:

Richins Family said...

You are hilarious! I agree Bella is very whiney. I did read all of the books anyways. I thought they were good. I have friends that are so into the twilight series it is funny!