Friday, July 2, 2010

A Modern Day Samaritan

As in the previous post I mentioned that Craig my super, tough, husband had been suffering mightily over the past six weeks! One time I actually took him to the Emergency Room! He had been to the clinic a couple of times with his aliments. They ran some blood work to see if they could pin point the Auto Immune disease that he had. When the test results came back they pointed strongly in the direction of Lupus. He has been so sick and every time he'd get a new boil on his chin he'd end up with a new, and bigger battle with Lupus. Every time you have an episode your internal organs are at risk. That is what Lupus does, it doesn't recognize that your organs are good, so they are under attack and can be destroyed. So YES I was panicked!!!!!!!! We talked to our Family Doctor, a man who goes to our church. He said that he'd call and try to get Craig into a Rheumatologist, by the name of Dr. Steven Call. Well, Craig was so sick, not sleeping, eating (he lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks!), suffering with swollen hands, and feet, along with extreme muscle and joint pain, along with MRSA! He was so miserable that he ended up calling Dr. Calls office. They told him they'd move his file to the front, and try and get him in. When he came home early from work (yes he went to work!!!!) I called the office again, and talked with Bonnie. I said, "sorry but I'm going to cry", and through tears I told her what was going on with Craig. She told me that he had an appointment on the 12th of July. I begged for something sooner. Bonnie told me that if I called my family doctor, who will remain un-named that they could possibly get him in sooner! I called and asked him to call me back. His nurse called Craig and asked if there was a problem. He explained to her what was going on. She said she'd talk to the doctor and get back with him. The very next day we got a call from Bonnie at Dr. Call's office, she said that Craig could come in at 4:00 that very day, we were elated! So thankful for a doctor who cared. The next day we got to Dr. Calls office, while there Craig got a call from the family doctors receptionist, and was told that the doctor had reviewed the appointment date, and had decided that the 12th was the soonest that Craig would be able to get in! I bet she was surprised to hear that Craig was already in Dr. Calls office! Dr. Call spent an hour with Craig they took more tests and he is to go back in on the 15th to see if it is really Lupus, or something else.

While I am so surprised at the complete apathy that was shown to Craig by our family doctor. I am so thankful for Bonnie and the care and concern she had for me, a complete stranger in need! I can never in a million years let her know how thankful I am for her, and others like her, who really are modern Good Samaritans!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stupid Staff for a Staph Infection!

My sweet, kind, never complaining husband, has been suffering terribly for the past 6 weeks. About 13 years ago he was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, Sjordroms Syndrome, with the expectation of something bigger to come down the pike. He had a few minor flare ups over the years, fever, aches and pains, along with a dry mouth and eyes... In the past 6 weeks he has had three major, very scary episodes. He also has had a couple of bouts with Staph Infection both on his chin, something on its own to be concerned about! The second time around he ended up with a growth about the size of a baseball on his chin. I went to the doctors office with him. I asked if they could take a culture of it to see if it was MRSA. The doctor laughed (grrrrr) and said since he'd already been on antibiotics it probably wouldn't show up. He'd only been on them for one day! He was going to stick a needle into it to see if anything would come out. I asked if he could lance it, again a laugh with a roll of the eyes! Since I am of no use in a needles, and blood situation I left the room. In my absence they found out that a needle wouldn't do anything, and then decided to lance the boil. And needless to say they got a ton of infection out of it! So much that they had to pack the hole that they had cleaned it out of. They also decided to take a culture and send it to the lab. About five days later the test results came back and what was it? MRSA the worse type of Staph Infection!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Levi Bronx Jessen

He has arrived...our little bundle of joy! Little fingers, little toes, tiny eyes and tiny nose! And he's green but does that really matter? He comes from the Bronx and has a bit of an attitude, but we'll fix that. Little Levi came on what can only be described as a slave ship! I was warned that he was coming but I thought "I don't think so", I was wrong! I noticed a big box sitting on my porch the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Day. With deep trepidation I picked it up and brought it into the house. Not really knowing whether I wanted to open it up, or not! I got out a knife, and cut the tape. Opened the box, pulled out some damp shirts, and there it, or he was no bigger than a silver dollar, in his little green carrier! I held my breath, because that is what I do when I think something might stink, you know as in dead! Then his leg moved, I have never been happier to see something move in my life. I gave him some turtle pellets that were sent along with him, and some water to drink. I then put him under a lamp, because I heard that turtles need light to digest their food. I felt really bad about turning it off when I went to bed. Then I thought what the heck, he traveled by slave ship for a week! The next day after school I took him to a pet store, and bought him the best in turtle care. I felt so sorry for the little thing I'd have paid anything to make his life better. The guys at the store thought he was pretty cool, and thought his story was funny, and frightening all at the same time! They also told me he looked pretty healthy for what he'd been through, and was a water turtle! I don't know how he lived in that box for a week. I think he must have gone into hibernation mode. Can you imagine being in a box getting flipped up, down, over and under? We had a tank so I bought him some, rocks, a floaty thingy, a water heater, a water filter, and a special 40 dollar lamp just for reptiles. All this for a naughty, little, not very good pet! Why isn't he a good pet? You can't handle him because water turtles carry salmonella, and they bite! The pet store guys said that to sell a turtle that small was a $200,000.00 dollar fine. So when he gets to be 4 inches anyone want to buy a turtle?

Friday, September 25, 2009

True Radical

True Radical! I guess that is me? I consider myself to be pretty moderate. Today this was said to me at a late lunch, "I don't know how you and Craig get along, you are so radical". What makes her think that I'm radical? What makes her think that Craig and I don't agree with each other politically? We do, just not on everything. I've never shared any views to her other than the fact that I voted for President Obama, and I was upset about the fact he wasn't allowed to speak to the school children when his speech originally aired. She was the one who screamed at me, almost crashed 2x and said "I think he is evil"! Do you think that saying someone is a Radical Republican an oxymoron?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Powers That Be!

Not only do I live in the most Republican state in the Union, I also live in the most Republican county in the state, and also in the most Republican town in the county! Lucky ME! President Obama was supposed to speak to the school children this past week in a televised broadcast. Nebo School District decided not to have him address the kids in the Nebo District. We were the only district in Utah that decided not to air his talk. His previously written talk was printed on the Internet for all to see. It was very uplifting and would have been something that all children would have benefited to see, and hear. While I respect a parents choice not to have their child hear the President speak no matter how dumb I think the choice is. I really was saddened to see the district take this route. If only three children in the whole school wanted to hear him they should have been able to. It reminds me of some communist country that will only let certain things be seen and heard by its citizens. A former friend likened him to Hitler, and Hitlers youth. Not viewing it would be more like something Hitler would have done. One parent wrote in that his child was not to listen to that black Ni--er! Teachers in the lounge were heard to feel the same way about having to listen to the President. You may not agree with his policies but there is no need to name call and disrespect the man. If you disagree with him talk to your children and tell them why. Don't call him evil. As a member of the "Church" I am disappointed in the way other members are behaving. I have heard so many evil things said about him. Would you feel Comfortable talking in the manner you have been talking in front of President Monson? Have you heard President Monson say horrible things about the man? NO! I've heard people say that he isn't my president, or he is our servant he needs to serve us! Try pleasing a whole bunch of spoiled brats. Believe me your day is coming.

Now the district has back peddled and will air his speech. It'll be interesting to see what happens and how many parents will keep their kids away. I really worry what we are teaching our children. It isn't respect, and that is for sure. We are teaching them that we don't need to respect anyone in authority. If you don't agree call them names. Rebel you don't need to support anything you don't believe belt wearing, underage drinking, speed limits.....You are the President of your family. Is it your only job to serve? Do you need support from your family? Yes you do and regardless of how you feel about the president you need to be the best that you can be and support him in the ways that you can.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Duh? I don't get it!

Why is it that we can accept the fact that someone who is straight, or so called religious can become wild, or fall away, and we believe it. But Someone who was once wild can never become religious, huh? So one can never mend their wild ways, and fall back into the flock?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walk Softly But Carry a Big Mouth!

I must say that I am quick to anger. Sad but true I get angry and spout off like nobodies business! I was angered the other day and used some choice words to convey the message. Made that person wish they'd never called! I need to take a course in speaking my mind without all the fur flying. I don't need to swear to make my point. Even though I was right in the incident I could have handled it better. I just hate being questioned about my integrity. I hate that others are treated unkindly, and I have a tendency to stick up for the underdog. I don't care for the self important, or blow hards as I like to call them. Everyone needs credit for the good that they do in life. So things don't always go your way, deal with it. I don't deal with compliments very well, but I feel that others need to be told that they are doing a great job. Especially if the powers that be don't let them know. Everyone needs to know that they are appreciated. I don't compliment on other things like kids, they're yours so I assume you think they're cute. Hair, you got the cut you must like it. You must think you look great in that outfit, you bought it. I hate the fact that some people are so needy they are searching for compliments, I think I'm a bit intuitive about that, and I don't play that game. If I see y0u are being oppressed by some bully I will tell you how great you are dealing with the creep. But hair clothes and kids? Sorry honey you're on your own!