Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carn e Be All Y'all!

This is the Carn e Be All Y'all! Well that is how Dan and Ellie say it anyway. Grandpa's work Flowserve once a year has a carnival. Let me tell you it is tons of fun(yawn). Hot, sticky, and strangers! Sounds like an on line porn site. Now I did meet up with a friend and we talked shop for about and hour while grandpa trudged around with the two wee ones. It is kind of fun! When our children were little it was on a Saturday and lasted most of the day. They also had really cool prizes. Not anymore, three hours, some kind of slimy stuff for a prize, hamburgers, cookies, cotton candy(yum)some fun carni rides and we're home. Lucy had just about had enough fun, I lost Ellie on some jumpy thingy, so it was time to go!


Katy said...

You're welcome.

Susan said...

Oh, Thanks!

Marie n Lini +5 said...

Wow that sounds like an adventure for sure! And I love how Craig and Ellie say Carival...soooo cute!
Well Susan thanks for stoppin' by and I'll be sure to stop and say hello next time were in town!
Luv ya!
Marie :P

Trent & Carlie said...

Wow! The girls sure are getting big! We'll get to see them soon! Can't wait until August!