Monday, December 29, 2008

Tickets to Wicked I Got it, I Got it!

Hello-o! Craig scored tickets to Wicked, or maybe I should say whoever sold them to him scored! Without me saying, he paid way to much, so I'm going to way enjoy it. They are for our anniversary in April.

Craig is such a good man and he has had to put up with a lot, mainly me and my luggage. He never complains, and he never judges, or says a bad word about anybody. Unlike me who has a tendency to bitch, and moan, a bit to much. I am thankful for him and my family. I wouldn't trade anyone of them for any on of you! I don't know if they'd say that about me but what ev!

Christmas is over and it went well. I was able to talk to Benny and he is doing well. I miss him but I am glad that he is were he needs to be.


Katy said...

Dad did well!! Too bad you can't handle surprises!!

I love you mom.

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Sounds like you've got somethin' great to look forward to! Good Job Craig! (10 points) lol!
So glad you got to talk to Benny...I got to talk to my brother and it was so nice! Glad to hear your Christmas was good! Wanted to wish ya a Happy New Year! :D

Susan said...

Luggage I meant baggage(are any of these words spelled correctly?) This coming from the woman who wanted someones calamity instead of collateral!