Thursday, May 1, 2008

100 Things About me

1-I worry!

2- I milk chocolate.

3- I love rings I have 80.

4- I love Barbie I have about 100.

5-If I were a dinosaur I'd be a carnivore.

6-I'd love to be a vegetarian.

7-I feel like it's a cop out to have plastic surgery.

8-I feel sad when I see that my RS President doesn't have smile lines!

9-I love strange movies.

10-My favorite radio station is X-96.

11-I hate to do laundry, or anything else that has to do with cleaning.

12-I love my job.

13-I love my co-workers.

14-I'm shy until you get to know me.

15-I'm ashamed to say I hold a grudge.

16-I don't like to cook.

17-I won't watch violent, or scary movies.

18-I hate body function humor, because there is none.

19-I hate the word "RETARD."

20-I hate prejudice of any kind.

21-I really dislike Sean Hannity, so it's OK to be prejudiced against him!

22-I'm a Mormon and a Democrat, I think that's considered an oxymoron in Utah!

23-I am strong.

24-I try to find humor in most things, but I do run into totally non-funny stuff!

25-I am happy to move forward, I don't want to go back and repeat anything!

26-I love seeing my grey hair shimmer like silver in the sun!

27-I love my family.

28-I don't like to make salads, but I like to eat them.

29-I like spicy food.

30-I make the best hot fudge sauce.

31-I Like to think I'm not shallow but I just might be!

32-I don't want a bigger house.

33-I like to browse TJMaxx.

34-I have to have air conditioning in my car.

35-I hate the heat of summer.

36-I feel most thankful in the Fall, and Winter.

37-I am protective of my family.

38-I am battling TOE FUNGUS!

39-I bite my nails.

40-I watch MTV.

41-I like to stay up late.

42- My least favorite saying is: You're only as happy as your saddest child. I think it is a perfect advertisement for birth control! Wahhhh!

43-Violence still makes me cry.

44-I'm forever trying to find a cure for thin, brittle nails!

45-I say I don't like my pets, but I cry when they die.

46-I'm sorry that I never say I'm sorry, Hey I just said it!

47-I'm always good for some un-wanted advice.

48-I am a good listener.

49-I'm my sister's children's favorite aunt!

50-I like to plant flower boxes, and they look really nice!

51-There is nothing wrong with aging.

52-This is unusual, I really do like my in-laws.

53-I love to have a really good laugh.

54-I love to have a really good cry.

55-You've all heard this before, I HATE MY NEW BRA!

56-I wish that I had a college education.

57-Even though I love my children, being a grandma is more fun!

58-I almost bought a potty trained raccoon when I was in college!

59-I love monkeys, and Jan Goodall.

60-Once my brother Jeff and I tried to buy a monkey.

61-I think divorce SUCKS for everyone!

62-I worry about offending others.

63-I can't watch American Idol, It embarrasses me!

64-I like low maintenance friends, I guess that's where Katy gets it!

65-I hate to be needed, and I don't care to have needy friends!

66-I love Tattoo shows, LA Ink, Miami Ink.

67-I loved Tattoos before Katy did, but I was smart enough NOT to get ONE!

68-Transgendered people intrigue me, I like to watch medical shows about them.

69-I don't believe God doesn't make mistakes. He makes dogs, and they'll mount your leg! What's that all about?

70-The chicken crossing the road? Other side, heaven? Or just to cross the road?(I'm deep)

71-I'm going to be on Oprah one day for being a clutter bug!

72-I love the space between two front teeth, makes people look like chipmunks, I love that look! I really do! Looks cute.

73-I love the ocean, the taste of the water, the sand, the sound, the danger..................!

74-I love The Providence Baptist Church in Grand Ridge, Florida.

75-I love the warm French bread at Albertsons.

76-I like shopping at Albertsons because I never run into people I know very often.

77-I hate lying liars, and the liars who tell them! When I'm lied to I find it very hard to trust again!

78-I hum at church, but I'll sing if no one is around to hear me.

79-I wish I played a musical instrument.

80-I started taking piano lessons in my late 40's, my teacher moved, and my new one made me say ta ta ticka I quit!

81-My favorite funny movie is Young Frankenstein.

82-My favorite Drama is One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

83-Favorite TV shows are Dexter, Pushing Daisey's, Rescue Me, The Riches, The Office, 30 Rock......I like TV.

84-I've just started reading the Harry Potter series.

85-I think Craig my husband is a kind man, and I couldn't see myself married to anyone else. Even though sometimes I have to use a mirror on him!

86-I burp a lot(I taught my friend Brenda how to), my mom wanted me to try out for Miss Spanish Fork(like that was going to happen) I didn't have a talent. I said maybe I could burp the Star Spangled Banner! She quit bugging me about it!

87-Saturday Night Live started the Year I graduated from High School(1974), I've watched it ever since.

88-I'd rather tell people my age(52) then have them guess!

89-I love to play The Sims, I think I'm addicted to downloading!

90-I'm very stubborn, so don't argue with me, I'll never change my opinion! You kind of have to try and trick me into it, good luck with that!

91-I love Mrs Cavanaughs Pollyanna chocolates.

92-I love bagpipes.

93-I can pinch the daylight out of anyone with my toes! Ewwwwwww remember they have fungus?

94-I can twist, and roll my tongue, another lovely talent of mine!

95-I love burnt almond fudge ice cream, and orange sherbet, with chocolate flakes in it.

96-My dad was killed in a plane crash when I was 6.

97-My golden rule is: I can say what I want to about my family, but you'd better watch your mouth!

98-I'm thankful for the trials in life, once I'm through them!

99-I hate finding the mates to socks, and I think my clothes dryer, and the missing socks have conspired together to slowly but surley drive me CRAZY!

100-If fat thighs are so cut on two year olds why not fifty-two year olds!


Mrs. L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trent & Carlie said...

Good job! I am scared to start this one! I'll have to wait until school is out. I learned some new things about you. I think I am afraid of being too openly honest (mostly about things I might be embarrassed about). I need to be brave! :) (Sorry - That was me who deleted the previous post- I posted from my wrong account!)

Susan said...

Glad that was you who deleted it. Is it a bit to raw? Should I edit myself?

Katy said...

Mother!! It is your 100 things, you don't need to edit yourself (well, maybe the bra post, but other than that...)! :)

Susan said...

Okey dokey queen of the bloggers!

Susan said...

I guess I am exposing myself!

Marie n Lini +5 said...

Hi Susan! It's me Marie...I hope you don't mind me reading your blog..I miss you "momma"!
Well I enjoyed reading this post...I'll have to agree with you about your #97, and I just keep laughing about #58! That's great!
But what brought back sooo many memories was #47 & #48 (your advice was NEVER unwanted) and I always loved talking to you! You were the Best MOM-FRIEND (is that a word?) I ever had! (insert sniff and wiping a tear away)
Mushy but true..!
Luv ya,

Susan said...

Anytime Marie, I miss you too!