Thursday, January 28, 2010

Levi Bronx Jessen

He has arrived...our little bundle of joy! Little fingers, little toes, tiny eyes and tiny nose! And he's green but does that really matter? He comes from the Bronx and has a bit of an attitude, but we'll fix that. Little Levi came on what can only be described as a slave ship! I was warned that he was coming but I thought "I don't think so", I was wrong! I noticed a big box sitting on my porch the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Day. With deep trepidation I picked it up and brought it into the house. Not really knowing whether I wanted to open it up, or not! I got out a knife, and cut the tape. Opened the box, pulled out some damp shirts, and there it, or he was no bigger than a silver dollar, in his little green carrier! I held my breath, because that is what I do when I think something might stink, you know as in dead! Then his leg moved, I have never been happier to see something move in my life. I gave him some turtle pellets that were sent along with him, and some water to drink. I then put him under a lamp, because I heard that turtles need light to digest their food. I felt really bad about turning it off when I went to bed. Then I thought what the heck, he traveled by slave ship for a week! The next day after school I took him to a pet store, and bought him the best in turtle care. I felt so sorry for the little thing I'd have paid anything to make his life better. The guys at the store thought he was pretty cool, and thought his story was funny, and frightening all at the same time! They also told me he looked pretty healthy for what he'd been through, and was a water turtle! I don't know how he lived in that box for a week. I think he must have gone into hibernation mode. Can you imagine being in a box getting flipped up, down, over and under? We had a tank so I bought him some, rocks, a floaty thingy, a water heater, a water filter, and a special 40 dollar lamp just for reptiles. All this for a naughty, little, not very good pet! Why isn't he a good pet? You can't handle him because water turtles carry salmonella, and they bite! The pet store guys said that to sell a turtle that small was a $200,000.00 dollar fine. So when he gets to be 4 inches anyone want to buy a turtle?

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Vickie & Cory said...

I'm very proud of you Susan. That little turtle deserves all of your love and attention. Good Luck, hopefully Levi is still kickin when Ben gets home!