Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stupid Staff for a Staph Infection!

My sweet, kind, never complaining husband, has been suffering terribly for the past 6 weeks. About 13 years ago he was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, Sjordroms Syndrome, with the expectation of something bigger to come down the pike. He had a few minor flare ups over the years, fever, aches and pains, along with a dry mouth and eyes... In the past 6 weeks he has had three major, very scary episodes. He also has had a couple of bouts with Staph Infection both on his chin, something on its own to be concerned about! The second time around he ended up with a growth about the size of a baseball on his chin. I went to the doctors office with him. I asked if they could take a culture of it to see if it was MRSA. The doctor laughed (grrrrr) and said since he'd already been on antibiotics it probably wouldn't show up. He'd only been on them for one day! He was going to stick a needle into it to see if anything would come out. I asked if he could lance it, again a laugh with a roll of the eyes! Since I am of no use in a needles, and blood situation I left the room. In my absence they found out that a needle wouldn't do anything, and then decided to lance the boil. And needless to say they got a ton of infection out of it! So much that they had to pack the hole that they had cleaned it out of. They also decided to take a culture and send it to the lab. About five days later the test results came back and what was it? MRSA the worse type of Staph Infection!

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