Friday, September 25, 2009

True Radical

True Radical! I guess that is me? I consider myself to be pretty moderate. Today this was said to me at a late lunch, "I don't know how you and Craig get along, you are so radical". What makes her think that I'm radical? What makes her think that Craig and I don't agree with each other politically? We do, just not on everything. I've never shared any views to her other than the fact that I voted for President Obama, and I was upset about the fact he wasn't allowed to speak to the school children when his speech originally aired. She was the one who screamed at me, almost crashed 2x and said "I think he is evil"! Do you think that saying someone is a Radical Republican an oxymoron?


Lyns said...

Ummm--ironic maybe cause aren't Republican's supposed to be conservative and mellow? So definitely ironic.

Susan said...

Lyns, you win ironic! I just love the word oxymoron!