Saturday, September 12, 2009

Powers That Be!

Not only do I live in the most Republican state in the Union, I also live in the most Republican county in the state, and also in the most Republican town in the county! Lucky ME! President Obama was supposed to speak to the school children this past week in a televised broadcast. Nebo School District decided not to have him address the kids in the Nebo District. We were the only district in Utah that decided not to air his talk. His previously written talk was printed on the Internet for all to see. It was very uplifting and would have been something that all children would have benefited to see, and hear. While I respect a parents choice not to have their child hear the President speak no matter how dumb I think the choice is. I really was saddened to see the district take this route. If only three children in the whole school wanted to hear him they should have been able to. It reminds me of some communist country that will only let certain things be seen and heard by its citizens. A former friend likened him to Hitler, and Hitlers youth. Not viewing it would be more like something Hitler would have done. One parent wrote in that his child was not to listen to that black Ni--er! Teachers in the lounge were heard to feel the same way about having to listen to the President. You may not agree with his policies but there is no need to name call and disrespect the man. If you disagree with him talk to your children and tell them why. Don't call him evil. As a member of the "Church" I am disappointed in the way other members are behaving. I have heard so many evil things said about him. Would you feel Comfortable talking in the manner you have been talking in front of President Monson? Have you heard President Monson say horrible things about the man? NO! I've heard people say that he isn't my president, or he is our servant he needs to serve us! Try pleasing a whole bunch of spoiled brats. Believe me your day is coming.

Now the district has back peddled and will air his speech. It'll be interesting to see what happens and how many parents will keep their kids away. I really worry what we are teaching our children. It isn't respect, and that is for sure. We are teaching them that we don't need to respect anyone in authority. If you don't agree call them names. Rebel you don't need to support anything you don't believe belt wearing, underage drinking, speed limits.....You are the President of your family. Is it your only job to serve? Do you need support from your family? Yes you do and regardless of how you feel about the president you need to be the best that you can be and support him in the ways that you can.


Katy said...

I agree. I also got a one page letter explaining why a student in my class was not able to watch the president speak. I would have had more respect for that parent if he would have simply stated he want to opt his daughter out of the speech. I really didn't need to read a letter about how awful Obama is...ugh.

This quote was given to Dan in Elder's Quorum, and I love it!! He used it in his Gospel Doctrine lesson when he talked about evil speaking of others.

"There is a rampant among us a spirit of criticism. Perhaps it is a part of the age in which we live. We are constantly exposed to the writings of newspaper columnists and the opinions of radio and television commentators. Their major objective, it seems to me, is to find fault. They are critical, sometimes viciously so. They are critical of political figures. They are critical of church leaders. None of us is perfect; all of us occasionally make mistakes. There was only one perfect individual who ever walked the earth. Men and women who carry heavy resoponsibility do not need criticism, they need encouragement. One can disagree with policy without being disagreeable concerning the policymaker."


"I would plead with you young women (talk given at a RS Conference), young and old, to restrain your tongues in criticism of others. It is so easy to find fault. It is much nobler to speak contstructively."

Both quotes are from Gordon B. Hinckley.

However, I think the sad thing is people feel justified in tearing the president down and speaking ill-will of him because they believe they are standing up for what is right. I believe there are far better ways to stand up for what you believe in, like be an example. How can you expect people to respect our "peculiar religion" when you can't be respectful of others?

I'm tired of the talking heads on Faux news, especially Glenn Beck. I would hope that he would be better than the others, but I'm finding myself to be more disappointed in him. It makes me really sad.

Lyns said...

HUZZAH!!! And Katy--I'm TOTALLY stealing that quote for Facebook!!!

Jay and Ang said...

Thank you for your posts. It means a lot. It makes me so sad and hurt that some people just can't open their eyes. But like you said, their day will come.

Janice and Jessica said...

Oh Susan!!! What an eloquent post. I never cared for George Bush yet I tried not to disrespect our president. I am so scared at the path that some of our country seems to be taking. It is so refreshing to read your post. Bush and Clinton both spoke to school children in the same manner and I never heard a peep. I feel so sorry for President Obama, no matter what he says or does it will never be correct in some peoples eyes. That is such a large burden to carry.

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Thank you Susan for sharing this, and Katy for those quotes.

I too wish people would just LIVE what they preach in this gospel. I go to church every sunday and hear people talk about integrity and living a Christ-like life...but on Monday they be talking crap about everyone and's a sad thing to see people change for "SUNDAY" but on Monday they're back to their old ways...

That is sad that Nebo choose not to air his broadcast...they R trippin' kids watched it and they came home and told me it was really good! Parents need to act like adults...far too often we see the kids acting like the adult and the parents acting like the child?

Kinda scary what this world is becoming...I'm sure we'll hear a talk about this spacifically in GENERAL CONFERENCE next weekend.

(sorry if my spellings are wrong...I can't spell worth crap! But you get me! hahah)