Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walk Softly But Carry a Big Mouth!

I must say that I am quick to anger. Sad but true I get angry and spout off like nobodies business! I was angered the other day and used some choice words to convey the message. Made that person wish they'd never called! I need to take a course in speaking my mind without all the fur flying. I don't need to swear to make my point. Even though I was right in the incident I could have handled it better. I just hate being questioned about my integrity. I hate that others are treated unkindly, and I have a tendency to stick up for the underdog. I don't care for the self important, or blow hards as I like to call them. Everyone needs credit for the good that they do in life. So things don't always go your way, deal with it. I don't deal with compliments very well, but I feel that others need to be told that they are doing a great job. Especially if the powers that be don't let them know. Everyone needs to know that they are appreciated. I don't compliment on other things like kids, they're yours so I assume you think they're cute. Hair, you got the cut you must like it. You must think you look great in that outfit, you bought it. I hate the fact that some people are so needy they are searching for compliments, I think I'm a bit intuitive about that, and I don't play that game. If I see y0u are being oppressed by some bully I will tell you how great you are dealing with the creep. But hair clothes and kids? Sorry honey you're on your own!


Lyns said...

WHAT??!?!? You aren't going to tell me how fabulous I look? Well sheesh! ;P

Janice and Jessica said...

Can you please come and rub off on me. I can stick up for others but never myself. I turn to jello and my mind goes blank. Perhaps you can give me lessons from across the US, LOL!!!

Is school out there where you are? Are you out for the summer? If so, have fun!!

Katy said...

Janice, don't be fooled...she doesn't really stick up for herself either. For example, she offered her fabulous trifle recipe for a neighbor's wedding, and ended up making two instead, right mom?

From her mouth, "Our bark is worse than our bite."

Susan said...

Well I can only be pushed so far before I have to blow!

Connie said...

It's been good getting to know you better this summer. After reading your blog, I think I'm getting some more insight!
Now I know why you never complimented me on my worn out denim capris and same shirt all summer! Maybe I should have worn a necklace!